"Strand, the Artist, was born 1979 in Finland, the year of the child. He grew up exploring comic books and found them fascinating. Early on his artistic tendencies were discovered and at the same time, he became highly aware of the brutality of this world.


The years have been hard on this lone wolf of the art world. Strand grew up poor, at times outcasted from groups. He has faced death on many occasions, the first time as a young boy at the age of 8 when his mother was a victim of a homicide. He and his younger brother were raised alone by their father, nicknamed by them as 'the devil'.


And so, for over 20 years, Strand has swum against the stream, as a deviant, in the art world. An underdog, who has risen on top of his game, only with an unwavering belief in his own inner vision.


As tough as the world has been on this pop artist, so has he been tough on the world. With his paintings, he has been able to get even.


In his art, there is realness, rawness and fairness. He uses art as an ingenious statement against the injustice of the world. Just one look at his paintings can result in a powerful life-changing insight for the spectator. Some of the pieces have a breathtaking power to move the viewers into tears. The symbolism is never missed. Each piece tells a story. The stories are about truth, integrity, love, hopeless sorrow, double standards, the beautiful and the ugly sides of life. Strand is an uncompromising, hungry reformer for the new world.


Strand paints his time in a timeless way. His technique is unique street art-like mixed media and his drive is effortless. In his true essence, he is the Artist, in the deepest meaning of the word. There is no split with the artist and himself in his personal life, it is all-in or fold.


In the last years, the paintings have become more personal, symbolic and therapeutic. Strand has, with his own words ‘screwed the composition and the golden ratio’. All the hardship has vividly had an impact on his paintings but with a sense of irony, humor, and glimpses of light, love and hope.


He touches the hearts of many. He truly is a gift for the art world, a gift that was rejected for a long time. But as we all know, whatever is resisted, will persist. Strand has kept on going year after year relentlessly. And after the end of one era, begins a new one, as the artist is destroyed to pieces just to be reborn from the ashes again."